About us


We believe in family union and authentic connections. Now more than ever, it’s our mission to help you keep and nurture the connection between you and your loved ones.

We blend old school charm with the artfulness of the modern techniques to create a unique and signature style to our arrangements.

In a world where weddings and events are uniform and uninspired, Bon Aparte Flowers is your modern flower boutique that celebrates your identity and reflects it through every detail.

About us

Bon Aparte Flowers is a European-style flower boutique, known for it’s high quality, and personalized attention! Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations. We help you express your emotions, by delivering flower arrangements, made with love and passion.

Bon Aparte Flowers caters the corporate and private clientele for all occasions such as corporate receptions and events, weddings, funerals, the birth of a new baby & romance. We are also one of the leading Holiday decorators on the island!

Please feel free to browse our  collection of floral creations and do not hesitate to give us a call at 5 999 7369444 or send us an email to info@bonaparteflowers.com.

We look forward to serving you!

Why choose flowers?

Our philosophy

1. Flowers can help you tell your story.

Never underestimate how much emotion a simple arrangement can create in the heart of the human being. From long distance I love you, to your deepest sympathy, flowers can change hearts and bring the deepest joy to the recipient.

2. Flowers are natures most beautiful gift.

As the flower grows from a seed to a beautiful work of art, so it can represent the cycle of our lives. Resembling strength, resilience, hope, love and gratitude.

3. Flowers bring color into our lives.

Color has been proven to scientifically improve your mood. What better way to pucker somebody up than by giving them some colorful roses or gerberas.

4. Flowers can touch your senses.

Flowers are soft to the touch and some of them have the most lingering aromas, instantly transporting you to that desired state of mind.

5. Flowers will be a part of the memories.

Times have changed, and nowadays more than ever, weddings and events are moments to be cherished together forever. Let us help you choose the best blooms to make your day unforgettable, both in your mind and on the photos of your event.

6. Flowers can carry your tradition.

Traditions are what keeps us connected to our beginnings, a way to know where we come from. It’s our cultural tradition to use flowers in all events in life to celebrate, mourn, congratulate, apologize, declare love or to reward oneself. 

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