Flowers are the heart and soul of your wedding decor.

At Bon Aparte Flowers, we understand the language of flowers, their allure and their mystique. The creation of dynamic floral expression to suit your individual tastes is our art.

Our inspiration is the beauty of flowers and the magic of human expression. Please contact us at our shop to book a consultation, to review the possibilities of your dream wedding!

We will create a breathtaking and unforgettable experience for you & your guests to cherish forever.

Each wedding we do is custom-designed with you in mind! We’ll help you choose a bouquet that’s just right for you!

Wedding flowers are much more than just an accessory to your big day.

Formal or casual…

Small gathering or social event of the year…

It’s sure to be truly magical with flowers and decor by Bon Aparte Flowers!

Courtesy of Theo Meyer Photography

Wedding Bouquets