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Baby Boy


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A sweet baby boy arrangement with a balloon, flowers and a teddy bear!



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  • Valentine’s Day Medium size air-filled balloon 9 inch - ƒ8.75
    Medium size air-filled balloon 9 inch - ƒ8.75
    Large air-filled balloon 18 inch - ƒ16.63
    Sweet I Love 3 You Air-filled Bundle - ƒ26.25
    I Love You 5 Air-filled Bundle - ƒ43.73
    Baby Girl 3 Air-filled Bundle - ƒ34.13
    Baby Boy 3 Air-filled Bundle - ƒ34.13
    Happy Birthday 3 Air-filled Bundle - ƒ30.63
    Happy Birthday 5 Air-filled bundle - ƒ35.00
    Colorful 8 Air-filled Bundle - ƒ59.50
    Golden 3 Air-filled Bundle - ƒ38.50
    Sunflower Helium-filled Bundle - ƒ42.00

Sweets & Chocolates

  • Ferrero Rocher 3 pack - ƒ7.00
    Med. Luxury Imported chocolate box 125 Gr. - ƒ17.47
    Luxury Imported chocolate box 250 Gr. - ƒ28.88
    French Macarons 6pc - ƒ25.38
    Heart Shaped Chocolate box med. - ƒ8.00

Bears & Extra Roses

  • Small teddy bear - ƒ31.50
    Love Bear Medium - ƒ57.75
    Bear Medium - ƒ57.75
    Bag of Rose Petals - ƒ52.50
    Extra Rose Red - ƒ4.81
    Extra Rose White - ƒ4.81


  • LOVE Greeting Card - ƒ5.25
    Happy Birthday Card - ƒ5.25
    Get Well Soon Card - ƒ5.25
    It’s A Girl Card - ƒ5.25
    It’s A Boy Card - ƒ5.25
    With Sympathy Card - ƒ5.25

Wines & Liquors

  • Large Prosecco 750ml - ƒ71.75
    White Wine 750ml - ƒ45.50
    Champagne Veuve Clicquot 750ml - ƒ196.00
    Mini Prosecco 200ml - ƒ29.75
    Red Wine 750ml - ƒ45.50


  • Vase - ƒ22.51
    Vase Tall - ƒ15.75
    Large Vase - ƒ31.50

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Substitution Policy: The photo represents an overall theme or look. Flowers, greenery and vases may vary, depending on availability. Unavailable items will be replaced with a matching product.

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